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Wholesale Scented Lip Gloss

Are you interested in purchasing our Phonetic Scents for your business at a wholesale price? 

  •  No Logo: Squeeze tubes and/or Wand will come filled and with a blank outside.
  • With Logo: You must provide YOUR logo, print ready. I will print and place on your product prior to shipment.
Various Scents/Colors: You may choose up to the following amount of colors for each order:
  • 25 Tubes/Wand= 2 colors
  • 75 Tubes/Wands = 3 colors
  • 100 Tubes/Wands = 5 Colors
Available Scents/Colors to choose from:
  • Strawberry/Banana- 
  • Romeo: Raspberry- 
  • Cotton/Candy-         
  • Pina Colada-           
  • Coconut/Peach-     
Shipping: All our Lip gloss is handmade, and will take 14-21 days for wholesale orders. Please take this in consideration when you place your order.